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Have you ever wondered where the slogan, "Save The Wave" came from and what it means?  Below is an article that first appeared in the August/September 1969 issue of Corvette News.  The article was entitled "Save The Wave".  Remember, this article was written and published in 1969 !


Ever since Corvette No. 00001 first met Corvette No. 00002 on the road, their drivers saluted each other with waves.  Today, unfortunately, this grand and glorious tradition is wavering.

There's one item of standard equipment that comes as a pleasant surprise to every new Corvette owner.  It's an instant wave of recognition he or she recieves when he meets one of their ilks on the road.  The first time it happens, they will be taken by surprise.  He immediately thinks:

  1. He has been mistaken for Sterling Moss.
  2. His lights are on.
  3. He has just been given the bird.

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